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Thu Jun 3 19:20:15 EDT 1999

WOW!! Finally somebody on the pro side of cut nrs!!! I am supporting every 
word he said. (And I can imagine the result of the little speed exercise from 
9y4 vy well) All those people complaining about not being able to decipher 
cut numbers thru the "immense" pile-up, QRM, QRN or whatever, I have the 
following question: how on earth could you then decipher the callsign??? Just 
like the cut numbers, it is a mixture of numbers and letters. Just like Jose 
says, it is only a matter of getting rid of the stupid expectation of numbers 
only. Or like somebody else said: "of course we could just accept the 
exchange as a random letter/number group". Right said. Remove the 
expectability, long live the truly COPIED exchange.

73 Con DF4SA

In an eMail from 03.06.99  13:33:13, CT1BOH wrote:

<< I love to get cut numbers. They save time and its a lot of fun because
 instead of having my brain programmed to get just full numbers I add a
 little more flexibility and expect letters and numbers.
 Set you mind to receive cut number, and you'll find, under a pile up point
 of view, it is much better than getting full numbers.
 Let me tell a a story that altough not related to cut numbers had me think
 about other things.
 In 1996 the monday after CQWW CW where I operated from 9Y4H I decided to do
 a little experience.
 I was on 40 running a pile-up at 40 WPM. This was a US/EU pile up, and quite
 QSO after QSO I started raising my CW Speed by 2WPM , until I reached CT
 maximum speed of 60.
 As far as I was increasing my CW speed the pile-up was moving East. And in
 the end at 60 WPM I was beeing called by HA, UA, OK, UR, LZ stations.
 The moral of the story
 If we lower the standards we lower the operating practices...
 Vy 73
 Jose - CT1BOH

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