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Rob Shapiro nd3a at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Jun 3 18:15:52 EDT 1999

At 06:20 PM 6/3/99 -0400, you wrote:
>WOW!! Finally somebody on the pro side of cut nrs!!! I am supporting every 
>word he said. (And I can imagine the result of the little speed exercise from 
>9y4 vy well) All those people complaining about not being able to decipher 
>cut numbers thru the "immense" pile-up, QRM, QRN or whatever, I have the 
>following question: how on earth could you then decipher the callsign??? Just 
>like the cut numbers, it is a mixture of numbers and letters. Just like Jose 
>says, it is only a matter of getting rid of the stupid expectation of numbers 
>only. Or like somebody else said: "of course we could just accept the 
>exchange as a random letter/number group". Right said. Remove the 
>expectability, long live the truly COPIED exchange.
>73 Con DF4SA

I don't believe people are complaining about the copying of the "cut
numbers."  I think the complaint is the conversion process from cut number
to serial number.  With that added in to the mix, is the use of cut numbers
a time saver?

I am saying this as someone who does not have a great deal of experience in
WPX.  As WH7Q, I began the contest not even thinking about the use of cut
numbers.  When I began to hear it's use, I thought "Wow, I should be doing
that - what a time saver!"  At an opportune time, I researched the CT
manual to see what programming was required to have CT automatically
generate cut numbers.  As I made use of cut numbers, I found the question
"NR?" occurring more frequently, even with CT generated cut numbers.  Can't
blame my cw solely on that.  I made the decision to eliminate cut numbers
and found "NR?" occurring less frequently.  The problem again was the
cut#/serial# conversion.  No problem with 5NN conversion to 599 because
most hams have that conversion programmed in their brains early on.

I'd use what you feel most comfortable with but when that "NR?" occurrence
increases, ask yourself if it's worth it?

Aloha, Rob

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