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> There's a saying, "Free advice is worth every cent."  I'm willing to pay a 
>  bit more.
>  I don't see a problem with what Steve K7LXC wrote.

If a simple answer was given with reference to the book would have been one 
thing, but here nothing was offered in way of advice and a widespread notice 
of the sale of the info was made. That could have been done privately rather 
than to all.  Presumably when we post to the mailer also it has information 
that would benefit others also in the responce.

To put it very simply, Force-12 has decent performance and is the leader in 
advertising at present. Some good installations are found. Often stacks.

Living in the northeast off the ocean and with suburban lots and restrictions 
I have always followed the tribander route.

The first basic choice was always the Mosely TA-33 which in later years I 
substituted the CushCraft A-3.  With that antenna at 55 feet I worked 321

With an unknown problem and needing friends to climb the tower we decided to 
replace the A-3 with a Hy-Gain TH6DXX. All that effort for a broken wire from 
the balun to driven element. The TH6DXX, a workhorse design of the past 30 
years did fine, up to everything worked except A5 and P5.

As a proven antenna it works, but then again, so is its competitor to many 
the KLM  KT-34XA, but with a much longer boom and many little pieces to fall.

If I had ultimate selection of my next antenna without the clearing woods 
space considerations I think I would go with the TH-11 from HyGain. Covering 
5 bands and with excellent performance it is a quiet sleeper on the market 
with little real advertising push. A friend in the middle east uses one and 
is always a minimum of 10 db over others there and often heard when the 
others aren't.

Listen to people using tribanders with good signals and see what they are 
using. Stacked TH6DXX's are even sprouting up in stations looking to make big 
signals.  At a 20 foot radius most all lots should be able to handle one.

   73, Bob, W2CE

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