[CQ-Contest] Tri-Band Beam??

Wayne Alexander walexan at ipa.net
Sun Jun 20 20:22:06 EDT 1999

Well here is the list of people choice of Beams.
Thanks to every one that replied.

Force 12:  10
Hy-Gain:    4
Bencher Sky hawk:   1  
Mosley:    1
Sommer XP Series    1
Tennedyne T-10:        1

Everyone that liked Force 12 antenna Swears by them.
Wonder if They are that good??????Must be!
People had good things to say about HY-Gain also.
I don't like the trap idea,I have a trapped antenna now and it works great
to me,but could I get something to do better.
It is a Mosley CL-33.Well thanks every one for your input. Will have to
figure out what I want to do now. 

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