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K0HB - Hans writes:

> On Monday, June 21, 1999 11:41 PM, TOMK5RC at aol.com 
> [SMTP:TOMK5RC at aol.com] wrote:
> >
> > Great input! The letter stimulated an idea that, perhaps,
> > contesting.com might be the place to have a mentor resource
> > page where those who are interested in hosting the "deserving
> > up-and-coming" could make their intentions known.
> If someone is setting up a 'registry', please include the
> Twin City FM Club (Minneapolis/St. Paul).

This registry already exists and has been around for 
several years.  K9PG has been keeping such a list
and publishing it in CQ Contest.  It may also be on
the web as well.


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