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Rex J Maner k7qq at juno.com
Fri May 7 19:58:43 EDT 1999

From: <n6tr at teleport.com>

Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] busted Q's

> I agree that it should be inexcusable to creative log QSO's, however
> much should the pentalty be for putting    N6TR  in the log as N6RT
> all the rest of the information is correct.  Or getting the check as 87

> instead 78 , (I know that neither are correct just used as an example.)

> Obviously just a typo or getting old with the head bone.  YES the Q
> shouldn't count for points  but  PENTALTY ???

I agree that the difference between these two cases is minimal and
the penalty for both should probably be the same.  I have had 
discussions with some of the ARRL people, and I believe they are
considering a smaller - uniform - penalty for both types of errors.

There should be the same non-incentive for guessing at a check that
there should be for a callsign.

Tree N6TR
More Quacks
I don't think the above are errors  in the true sence , however I think
most of us on occasion turn things around, dislexia I guess.

Maybe the cure to the problem would be to HAND write the log and let the
TYPO's be the error of the guy who tries to read my hand writing.


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