[CQ-Contest] SS from KP4

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Fri May 7 20:08:12 EDT 1999

>What's the ethical difference between operating SS
>from KP4 and operating a DX contest from W1?

For one there is competition in W1.  What competition is there when you fly
to KP4 to operate the SS?  Let's see... anyone else in KP4 or KP2 I guess.
It sure isn't anyone operating in the 50 states.  

Winning the SS after flying to KP4 is an accomplishment.  Making the top
ten in a DX contest from west of the Mississippi is a bigger one.  Too bad
the latter isn't rewarded accordingly.


Bill Fisher, W4AN

Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

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