[CQ-Contest] Newington dose it again.

Spencer Lazar slazar19 at sgi.net
Tue May 11 09:19:21 EDT 1999

At 20:46 5/10/99 -0400, you wrote:

"Newington "dose" it again."


Get ypurself some Mavis Beacon contest suftware. Improved
typing skills will increase your score by abovt 400 Q's
nvxt year. 

Less technolgy, more typing skills, the key to winning.

Where is Billy Lunt when I need him?

dr. Bafoofnik

>I just checked out the results for SS CW on the ARRL home page and
>what do you know. They beat me out of over 400 Q's plus 4 mults and
>over 65,000 points. Last week I sent TR a request for my error rate and
>guess what , he had no record of my phone log. I thought they had fixed
>the problems up there. HUM..  This is not the first time they have done
>this to me.
>I would suggest you go and check your scores to see if the legacy
>continues for you too..
>Good Luck
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