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At 04:38 5/12/99 , Fred Laun K3ZO wrote:
>"If you had to move the dial to tell me it was in use, then it wasn't", 
>and I mean it!
The idea of somebody "having" a frequency throughout a contest is such an
emotional one that I hesitate to enter my thoughts on the matter, but
................ ;-)

First off, I fully agree with Fred's above statement.

Secondly, I guess we are talking about a contest, and ...
Are we talking a short dash of hurdles here, or a longer, more open run?
If the latter is the concept, well nobody seems to have an open lane
forever, now do they?

DX stations during a contest:
I try to stay away from the "run" frequencies that DX'ers might have
during a contest, but as a function of time and propagation variations,
even that is subject to a limiting thought on my part.

Stateside stations during a contest:
I generally think it is a waste of time to try and kick my way into the
linearly lined up wall of East coast stations positioned side by side to
each other, even though I might desire to take advantage of my specific
area's peak prop time to Europe. This, even though I might desire to try
for a short "peak time" run, as opposed to having relegated myself to all
prior contest activity being confined to S&P. Again, however, even this is
subject to a limiting thought on my part.

Bottom line, as to whether or not I confine myself to S&P during a contest
or try to elbow out "my own" frequency by jostling someone who has
presumed the lane to be all their own, I always am aware of the fact that
I am in a contest, AND.................I never will own a frequency, and I
don't expect anybody else to presume that they own one either. 

As to whether I lock down my dial knob and F1 away, or operate in S&P
mode, is a function of many variables, combined with some pragmatic
thinking about what I expect to achieve at the time.

I do hope that I will never pretend to think that anybody has any more
right to situate themselves on a frequency than anybody else during a
contest, including myself.
.............................  After all, it is a "contest".

Let the wrath befall me,

>73, Fred      
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