[CQ-Contest] Multiport I/O Boards?

Eric June ericj at kudonet.com
Thu May 13 14:15:34 EDT 1999

I am looking for a multiport I/O board for my computer.  I found a mention
of a Flexport42 board by Quickpath in the archives from 1995 (KA9FOX site).
 The board is not listed on the Quickpath site at http://www.quickpath.com.

Is this still the board of choice for contesters?  Or is there a more
modern alternative?  I am looking for a board that has at least 2 parallel
ports and 4 serial ports.  It must work with TRLog in DOS, and work with NT
Server for interface to my LOGic 5 everyday logging program.  Thanks in
advance for any pointers.


Eric June, KU6J
Director of Know Code International
CodedOne at knowcode.org

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