[CQ-Contest] Countdown to Honor Sprint #2

n6tr at teleport.com n6tr at teleport.com
Thu May 20 19:59:55 EDT 1999

> Plan on being on tomorrow!  One question though.  In the "normal"
> sprints, folks usually start on 20, then move to 40, then 80.  In this
> one, what do folks think would be the "right" procedure ... start on 20
> and move up ... or start on 10 and move down?
> Just wondering what others plan on doing.


Typically - here on the west coast, we tend to start contests on the
highest frequency band possible.  I guess my "vote" would be to 
start on 10 and work down (unless 10 isn't open).  

However, it is an interesting question and one normally that doesn't
have to be asked.  

Of course, us three radio guys with Z80 robots will be on all three
bands at once - so it really doesn't matter.  And, my station owner
will be listening and tell me if I am missing any openings (in between
making adjustments to the 15 meter antenna and fixing my power supply).

VK5GN writes: "Otherwise do what I do, define your own category and 
get on with having fun!"

I nominate this for the "BEST SENTENCE in a CQ Contest post".  There
will never be the level playing field we all dream of.  Even WRTC
doesn't have it.  The end result of contesting is pride in what
you have done.  

Furthur to the sprint - did we ever clear up the QSY to another band
problem?  It would be nice that there is enough activity that it wasn't

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