[CQ-Contest] Re: Meaningful Exchanges

Marty Durham mdurham at cerulean.com
Tue Nov 30 21:01:09 EST 1999

Interesting comments Paul...except I would disagree that the exchange has to
have somthing that you use your ears for...judging by the number of busted
callsigns don't you think the callsign itself is 'test enough'???  Consider
too that each call is 'unique' in that when you receive it you don't know
what it's going to be until you copy it...correctly...Unlike RST and zone
(once you've got the prefix...usually)...( :-))) )  Yes the serial number
would perform a similar function but I think the callsign is more than
enough for that purpose...


> I feel compelled to rise to the challenge (or the bait) set by
> Fred K3ZO.
> For example.
>    K3ZO:     K3ZO TEST
>    EI5DI:    EI5DI
>    K3ZO:     EI5DI TU
>    EI5DI:    TU
> I can't see it working somehow.  I believe some sort of exchange
> is better than none.  Secondly, I think there should be something
> in the exchange that you have to use your ears for, and that the
> computer can't fill in.  My preference is to replace RST with a
> serial, and remove RST in other contests that already have serials.
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI

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