[CQ-Contest] IC-756PRO, some details

Henry A Pollock k4tmc at juno.com
Tue Nov 30 20:26:19 EST 1999

Just got the latest AES catalog (Winter 1999-2000) today.  On the back
cover is an ad for the new IC756PRO.  Visibly, it first looks just like
the original 756 except for a color LCD display versus the old black(or
blue?)/white.  The ad indicates that it will be available in Spring 2000.
 No price was listed in the catalog.  As far as I could see, there were
physically no new controls or switches added.  The most obvious change
with the controls were that the variable APF is now a variable Notch, and
some of the switches have different functions.  The ad also includes a
full-size picture of the display screen.

The text writeup is:
Newly designed 32 bit floating point DSP
- AGC loop operation
- Digital IF filter, 51 selectable  bandwidths
- Low distortion RF type speech compressor
- Built-in RTTY demodulator / dual peak APF
- Microphone equalizer
- Manual notch function
- Noise reduction

TFT 5 inch color LCD
- Dual frequency display
- Memory frequency / memory name
- IF filter bandwidth
- RTTY tuning indicator / received character
- Voice memory / CW memory keyer

8 channel digital voice memory

Digital twin pass band tuning (PBT)

And then what may be from the standard 756:

all HF bands + 6 meters
100 watts variable output
dual watch
real time spectrum scope
triple  band stacking register
built-in memory / electronic keyer
built-in auto antenna tuner (6m)

The fine print indicates that FCC approval is still pending.

BTW, I have no connection with Icom or AES.  Just providing this info
based on an earlier thread about the new rig.

Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC
k4tmc at juno.com

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