[CQ-Contest] Discounting the Guest Op

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Mon Nov 1 20:20:20 EST 1999

An email I read today discounting guest-ops has me once again scratching
my head.  Why do some of you feel that a score made from a guest operator
is some how less meaningful than a home station operator?

Some points that come to mind:

-Not everyone can build a super station.

-If it were not for my guest-op opportunities I would not be a contester
 today.  I'm not alone. 

-There are guys who like to build.  There are guys who like to operate.
 When the two get together, it's cool. 

-If a home station operator has all of his antenna work done for him,
buys all commercial antennas, and has a pit crew to help with station
failures during the contest... how is this different or better than a
guest operator?  Seems to me like both are doing what they need to do to
be competitive and have a good time.  

So, I guess my point is...  don't be poo-poo'ing guest-ops.  If you
operate your own station, you should feel a greater sense of
accomplishment.  Gee, how is that not enough?  


Bill Fisher

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