[CQ-Contest] Contesters Rebuttal/SS

Robert Kaufmann rkaufman at videon.wave.ca
Wed Oct 13 04:25:29 EDT 1999

In a recent edition of The Canadian Amateur a letter was
posted about too many contests, not enough space on the band
on weekends...yadda yadda. (yawn)

I'd like to send a rebuttal. I recall that there was a
terrific rebuttal letter to something similar a while back
in QST (?) by contester with a 1x2 (w0xx/K0xx?)  call. I
don't remember the exact response but I do remember it was
very well written and worth repeating. Anyone remember the
letter ? Can you give me a hint as to issue or where I can
get a copy? It may be in the CQ-Contest archives but I can't
find it.


PS Getting psyched up for SS !!  ( Just wait til Nunavut
gets recognized officially.......none of us will ever get a
nug again !)   I can hear the rally cry : Nunavut in
November SS !!!......not for those K4OJ  Fla. shortsleevers.

Rob Kaufmann VE4GV
rkaufman at videon.wave.ca

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