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>  As I see it, when it comes down to it, it is just a number that has to be 
>  copied by the receiving end and entered correctly in the log.  I don't 
>  think it matters which of the possibilities mentioned above are used, as 
>  long as some number is sent. 
>From a pratical point your are correct, it really doesn't matter as long as 
that same number is always used.

To follow the rules however, your look to the first issuance of that license 
to the club and there is your SS check. The same easy process as for your own 
callsign. It does not get changed when you upgraded, moved to new call areas, 
changed to a vanity callsign. It is the year a license was first issued to 
you. As it is the year "first licensed" I would think even a person whos 
license lapsed and came back into the hobby would use the year of his first 

I am trustee for W2SV first issued in 1930. Every member of the club asking 
to use it for a contest or event knows that the callsign represents the club 
and not an individual. They use the club data. 

   73, Bob Reed, W2CE
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