[CQ-Contest] Quote of the day (ARRL Web Extra)

Hans - k0hb at arrl.org
Wed Oct 13 14:20:16 EDT 1999

Pete Smith wrote:
> "The January 15 implementation date means the new West Central Florida
> Section will not be a factor in any ARRL-sponsored contests until 2000.
> The nine Southern Florida counties involved voted overwhelmingly in favor
> of creating the new ARRL section, which will be number 71. Ballots counted
> September 15 at ARRL
>                                            ***
> Headquarters showed 920 ARRL members in the proposed new section favored
> the idea, while just 86 were opposed. "
> What a hoot!  I hope they counted votes better than they did sections!


I just counted the sections......  twice.......    I count 70 existing, 
plus this new one would be 71.

How many do you count?

73, Hans, K0HB

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