[CQ-Contest] SS Checks

Lee Hiers aa4ga at contesting.com
Fri Oct 15 01:36:11 EDT 1999

On 14 Oct 99, at 10:25, Ron Klein, W0OSK wrote:

> I think it matters what the check is... The original intent - I believe -
> was to allow you to know how long someone had been licensed. I think that
> is still a meaningful thing.

I think the original intent of the SS exchange was to approximate the header 
info contained in a radiogram.  The check in a radiogram is a count of the 
number of words in the text and is usually a two digit number and the SS use of 
license year was just for additional interest and to create something for the 
folks to copy other than say, RST/Zone, as a test of copying ability.

That's why it doesn't really matter whether the SS check used is an accurate 
indication of when the station was first licensed.  In fact, there are some big 
gun SSers out there who use an incorrect check because their "real" check is 
more difficult to copy than their "vanity" check.  Kinda like using the name 
"Ed" in the sprint when your real name is Horatio.


73 de Lee

Lee Hiers
Cornelia, GA

aa4ga at contesting.com

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