[CQ-Contest] Re: SS Checks & Precs

AD6E at aol.com AD6E at aol.com
Fri Oct 15 03:25:04 EDT 1999

Hmmm.... I can't let this go  :(  
Bobs' schenario is correct, but it only consideres one of the two 

Last year I started SS as an A station, got bored and turned on the amp thus 
becomming a B station. I changed my prec to fit the situation and my log 
reflects that change. Of course I didn't go find those 200 or so stations I 
had already given an "A" to.  So far as I know, no one was docked for my lack 
of enthusiasm for low power (other than my neighbors) . . . is that true? I 
know I wasn't.

73, Al  AD6E

> Same thing for Precedence (power level).  If you start out as "B" or high
>  power and your amp blows up, you're still "B" - not "A" because you've used
>  high power in the contest.  You cannot enter two different categories just
>  because your wattmeter reads different at some point.
>  Robert E. Naumann
>  N5NJ / V26O

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