[CQ-Contest] Sweepstakes Changes Reminder

Henderson, Dan N1ND dhenderson at arrl.org
Fri Oct 15 13:22:48 EDT 1999

With just over three weeks left to the start of the ARRL November
Sweepstakes CW weekend, I wanted to put out a reminder of a couple of rules
changes. Most of you are already up-to-date with these, but in case there
are any stragglers...

Remember that each entry category now has a separate precedent to send in
the exchange:

	Q = Single Op QRP
	A = Single Op Low Power
	B = Single Op High Power
	U = Single Op Unlimited (single-op assisted, no power
	M = Multi-Operator
	S = School Club

You should contact the logging software developer from whom you purchased
your program to make certain that you get their latest update files /
templates for this change.

Also, remember that if you electronically log, the rules now require you so
submit the log file in an acceptable ARRL file format (Cabrillo is
acceptable now and becomes the only standard next year's contest.)  Sending
a paper print out of your log file is not an acceptable substitute to the
log file.  If you log using a word processor or spread-sheet program, you
need to convert the output file to an ASCII text file.  Bin files, Excel
files, Word document files, etc are not acceptable.  If you use one of these
methods of logging, you should use the "Save As" feature and save in a .txt

Electronic files should be emailed as follows:

	SSCW at arrl.org  for CW Sweepstakes		-- Submission
Deadline: December 8, 1999
	SSPhone at arrl.org for Phone Sweepstakes	-- Submission Deadline:
December 22, 1999

Please make certain that your Summary Sheet includes all required
information (some of the older versions of logging programs do not include
all required information on their electronic summary sheets.)

There are 79 sections out there to work this year.  Nunavut is part of the
NWT section and the new West Central Florida Section does not become active
until January 15, 2000.

Good luck to all participants!   Let the fun begin (after CQWW of course Hi


Dan Henderson, N1ND
Contest Branch Manager, ARRL

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