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Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Fri Oct 15 12:06:16 EDT 1999

On 10/15/99 2:25, AD6E at aol.com at AD6E at aol.com wrote:

>Last year I started SS as an A station, got bored and turned on the amp thus 
>becomming a B station. I changed my prec to fit the situation and my log 
>reflects that change. Of course I didn't go find those 200 or so stations I 
>had already given an "A" to.  

Hopefully, you sent in a note with your entry that indicate you had 
changed your exchange part-way through the contest.

Of course, your contest entry should include the exchange you SENT for 
each QSO (even the new Cabrillo format does this), so computer checking 
of the log shouldn't result in a penalty  to anyone.

For SS, changing your precedence in the contest isn't recommended, but 
certainly allowable. With the new rules, there are other possible changes 
that might occur, other than the historical power changes:

* Ham friend came over, got caught up in the excitement and decided to go 
multi-operator. (Prec: A B Q U -> M)

* After 16 hours of operation, became desparate to get the sweep and 
turned the packetcluster on (Prec: A B Q -> U)

In every case, though, you these represent moves to a less restricted 

Prec: Q -> A, Q -> B, A -> B
Prec: Q -> U, A -> U, B -> U
Prec: Q -> M, A -> M, B -> M, U -> M

Such changes have been permitted by the judges.

Changes to a MORE restricted category should not be allowed:

Prec: B -> A, B -> Q, A -> Q
Prec: U -> B, U -> A, U -> Q
Prec: M -> U, M -> B, M -> A, M -> Q

In other words, just because you lost your amp part-way through the 
contest doesn't mean you can switch to A precedence. Or if your rig dies 
and you are forced to complete the contest with your camping QRP rig - 
you still can't switch to Q precedence. Or if your packetcluster link 
dies, you can't switch to a non-Unlimited ( A B Q ) precedence. Or maybe 
your buddy who is supposed to multiop calls 2 hours into the contest and 
says he's not coming -- too bad, you're still M precedence.

Hopefully, the contest adjudicators will be alert for changes like this. 
I can just imagine someone working 100 Qs on B power, having the amp die, 
then finishing up on A power, and submitting a low-power log. If he 
modifies his exchange sent to all "A" precedence, then every one of those 
first 100 Qs will be busted.

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