[CQ-Contest] SS Checks

Hans - K0HB k0hb at arrl.org
Fri Oct 15 09:38:11 EDT 1999

"Ron Klein, W0OSK" wrote:

> I think it matters what the check is... The original intent - I believe -
> was to allow you to know how long someone had been licensed. I think that
> is still a meaningful thing.

Sweepstakes was originally a traffic-handlers contest, and the exchange
was modeled after the heading of an NTS message. "Check" in that model is
the number of words in the text of message, but since there was no text,
they arbitrarily decided on "last two digits of year first licensed".
Had nothing to do with a curiousity about how long you'd been licensed.

In fact "how long you've been licensed" seems only to be of interest to
the individual who has been licensed a long time, and has no particular 
meaning to anyone else. 

73, de Hans, K0HB

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