[CQ-Contest] Re: Internet contesting

Leigh S. Jones kr6x at kr6x.com
Wed Oct 20 15:11:24 EDT 1999

KA8OKH wrote:

> But where's the fun if there are no suprise band openings between
> geographic locations,  Es, QRN from your neighbor's garage
> door, LID's or SID's?  Would pretty much be like PED,  and=20
> we have that already.

The concept includes simulation of surprise band openings, and QRN could =
also be simulated; in fact, QRN could be simulated in a balanced fashion =
with each participant receiving an equal share of the problems.  It may =
even be possible to simulate limping to the finish line barefoot, but =
then where's the fun in that... And, of course, there's never really any =
chance that escape is possible from LID's.  I am sure that cyberspace =
will fill to the brim with lesser operators just like the real world.  =
No need to simulate LID's.

One advantage of the concept is that the fun of the contest could be =
increased by surprises never possible in the real world, like surprise =
location changes and surprise callsign changes.  There would be no need =
to climb on an airplane to travel to PJ2.  No TVI/RFI and angry =
neighbors.  That would be a big surprise.

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