[CQ-Contest] Young contesters/guest ops

Douglas Priest w3cf at email.msn.com
Sat Oct 23 18:21:37 EDT 1999

I'd also like to see an exemption for young contestors so that any Contest
DXpedition could "draft"  from a list of up and coming young persons
regardless of their geographical area and not have it count against any club
percentages or dilute DXpedition score. If we really want to entice the
younger set we have to show them the most exciting parts of our passion.
Perhaps we could establish a fund to help send serious young folks along
with a PJ4B, HC8N,  V26B or VP5T. It would also serve the DXpeditions in
extra manpower we sometimes need. My only negative is the thought of the
cost of insurance:-)    But kids go on global trips all the time now.  What
a field trip!  We could take a Calib or other deserving youngster under our
wing and show him some 350 hour rates after spending three days in the hot
Caribbean sun putting up antennas, fighting skeeters, and running hard-line.
Then taking everything apart and going home after 48 hours of bliss. What an
experience to wet the appetite!

See you in a week from Hurricane Alley  (3rd one in 5 years :-(    Hope we
get everything put back together by Friday night.)   GL in The BEST Contest
in the WORLD!s   CQWW!


Doug W3CF

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