[CQ-Contest] 15m Propagation patterns

henry henry at pacinfo.com
Sun Oct 24 00:22:03 EDT 1999

I'm going to try my hand at a single band effort this coming weekend. I'm
looking for information on propagation patterns for 15m from the Pacific
Northwest. I've looked at the propagation charts in QST and CQ, but I was
looking for some reference material that can give me info on over a 24 hour
period, something like "from 0100 to 0300 the PNW will have a path to South
America, from 0200 to 0400, look to VK,ZL, etc....."

Don't worry about giving away your contesting secrets. Giving me this info
is like giving a begining student a Strad. I'll sound better, but I'm still
a beginner.

Tnx , and I'll try not to be too much of a lid...........


henry at pacinfo.com

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