[CQ-Contest] How to Handle 40M during CQWW?

Patrick Barkey PBARKEY at gw.bsu.edu
Tue Oct 26 14:32:55 EDT 1999


You left out some crucial details.  East or West Coast?  Or Midwest?
And is it a "big" station - e.g., full sized or respectably big yagi,
something more modest?

These comments apply to the assumption that you are east coast.

Midnight to 6 AM may be "midnight shift" to the lay person, but it
is an ideal time for 40 meters.  You will work EU until at least
or so, with an opening that usually peaks at sunrise at the eastern
end of the path.

Even a modest station can do some CQ-ing during this period.
The reason is that at sunrise, EU will only be hearing stations
from the NW, whereas at, say, the beginning of the contest,
will be coming through for them.

Yes, you operate about 95% of the time crossband on 40.

Search and pounce will not be very effective for a long time  in a 
M/M.  You will tune by the same loud stations all night long.
You need to find a frequency and CQ.  Be sure to CQ at least
20 minutes of the hour, or more, if you have a big antenna.

You can work ZL and the rest of the pacific as early as 0600z, so
keep an eye on that direction.  VK/ZL can work you tranceive on
your transmit frequency on 40, and often do.  You should listen on
both frequencies when you CQ.

JA is possible scatter path (beam SW) from 0730z to sunrise, with
a possiblity of direct path openings any time in between.  Long path
Russians are possible from 0800z on.  Beam SSW.

I hope you don't fold up your shop at 6 AM.  There's a lot of band
openings (including LP to Indian Ocean) that occur well past local

You should have a lot of fun.  Good luck.

   - Pat

>>> "Jeffrey Short" <jshort at mindspring.com> 10/26 12:26 PM >>>

Hi all...

	As of this moment in time, I am planning to be a part of a
multi group for CQWW this coming weekend.  (I say that because 
my job may make things difficult for me...)

	I am a relative newbie to contesting, having joined a club
5 years ago, did CQWW/ARRL for a couple of years, but dropped 
out of contesting (and ham radio in general) because of the lack of 
a station.  Because of the club's effort to keep in touch with past 
members, I have been bitten again by the "bug" and am looking 
forward to getting into the "swing of things."  Which leads me to 
this "problem"...

	In talking to the gentleman who is spearheading the effort, it

sounds like I will be working on 40M with him for part of the time, 
but will be "alone" from Midnight to 6am (along with other 
operating/spotting duties).  While I have no problems with this 
(except for the fear of sleeping at the switch), it has left me a bit

worried (not wanting to screw up)...and with questions, naturally...

	1) For multi's, do you run alot on 40?  Hunt and pounce?  Or 
split 50-50?

	2) It seems on the higher bands that "the rest of the world" 
basically uses the same frequencies.  However on 40, I know that 
you have the DX windows...  With that in mind, how do you handle 
runs?  Do you listen on both your frequency and a frequency that is 
in the window "at the same time"?  Or do you switch off between 
both frequencies (making sure that you don't transmit on 7050 and 
listen...u get the idea!)?

	3) Is there anything that I should be "looking out for" while

doing the graveyard shift on 40?  A particular direction that I
be listening to...do I need to follow the sunrise for "good" 
propagation?  etc...

	4) Any other tips for a newbie?  Any particular websites that

are "godsends" for the contesting newbie (after all, we were all 
newbies at one time or another)?

Thanks in advance - I realize that alot of this comes down to 
operating experience...but I also realize that it doesn't hurt to
to experts in the field!

Jeff - KD3UC

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