[CQ-Contest] October QST, September/October NCJ, & October CQ Contest, all arrive same day!

Henry A Pollock k4tmc at juno.com
Tue Sep 14 00:17:24 EDT 1999

Wow ... Great day at the PO box this morning!  In amongst the bills and
credit card application form letters was the latest issues of QST, NCJ,
and CQ Contest.

Front cover photo of both old and new ham technologies in the shack of
KB2QIU.  Note
the paper log book and crystals.  And there is a related feature article

Contest related items -
Results - 1999 ARRL International DX Contest CW 
Simple Offset Feeding of Wire-Element Beams
17-15-12 and Simple (a 3 band rotatable dipole)
Product Review - Tower Jack Tower Tools 
Rules - 1999 ARRL November Sweepstakes

Other interesting items -
Regeneration and Crystal Control (cover story)
The Smell of Radio

Ads -
The year 2000 issue of the ARRL Handbook will be available in October.
And for those who want to modify their existing rig to look like an Icom
MCM Electronics has 4 inch LCD color monitor modules.
AOR U.S.A. has a microprocessor TXCO VFO for your classic Collins rig. 
Now you can
have 100 memory channels and general coverage receive for that KWM-2.

And next....

Front cover photos of the VP2V/K7AR 98 CQWW SSB team and site, with a
article inside.
This issue's editorial has items related to article timing, NCJ Contests
Awards Program, NCJ Contests Committee, and the NCJ web site. 

Features - 
Making Choices for the CQ WW - a Contester's Dilemma
The REAL Winners of the 1998 ARRL November Sweepstakes Revealed
Internet Tools for Contesters
Refurbishing Your Rohn TB-3 Thrust Bearing
Shortwave Listening - Multi-Multi Style, 98 CQWW SSB with London SWL Team
Contesting from the British Virgin Islands (cover story)
ARRL Log Checking - A Look at the Process for the November Sweepstakes
The K4VX 10 Meter Rhino Gun Yagi
An Effective No-Ground Vertical for 80 and 160 Meters
Propogation Indicators
NCJ Profiles - Steve Lufcy, K0OU

Columns -
Propagation - Propagation Planning
Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques - Domestic Contests
Contesting for Fun
Contest DX-Ventures -
      The Contest Traveler,
      Contest DXpedition Planner, &
      Contest DXpedition List
VHF-UHF Contesting! - June 99 VHF QSO Party, How to Work 6-Meter Scatter 
RTTY Contesting - PSK31 Contesting, The New Kid on the Block
Contest Calendar - Sept thru Dec 1999
International Contests - SCC & WRTC2000, North American results from 98
International DX, 99 All Asian DX CW, 98 LZ DX CW, 98 RAC Canada Day, and
98 RAC

And finally....


Front cover photo of the 140 ft tower at OH0Z with 4 stacked tribanders
and 2 over 2 on
40 Meters.  And there is even an article inside!

Features - 
The CQWW SSB Honor Roll (your 1998 report card) 
Modifying the KLM KT34A Antenna

Departments - 
Editorial - The Band Edge, As Accurate as Possible (more on UBNs)
Operating Techniques - QSK and DVP
In The Beginning - Chris Hurlbut, WL7KY
Up The Tower - The Tools That Make It All Possible
YL Contesting - The YLRL Convention Report (lots of pictures)
Monthly Collectible - CQWW SSB All-Time Zone Leaders 1998
Continental Countdown - Radiosporting Team OH0Z (cover story), Yemen-An
Meeting, What About the Dayton of Europe?
A Conversation With - Ahmed Zaidan, HZ1HZ

OK, that’s all.  Note new e-mail addresses.

73 & Good reading,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC
k4tmc at juno.com
k4tmc at aol.com

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