[CQ-Contest] Follow up to CQ Support

Ivo Pezer, 5B4ADA/9A3A 9a3a at spidernet.com.cy
Wed Sep 15 20:01:42 EDT 1999

Thanks to Dave for his UFB work (CQ 160m Contest) and to Bob and all other
members of
CQWW Contest Committee for their hard work and support.
I am just supporting CONTESTERS as you do and it was just my opinion, I don't
think the K4JRB's notes were taken wrong.

Here is what I understood from your first message.

thompson at mindspring.com wrote:

> Gang,
> My note on CQ Magazine support for contests was taken wrong in certain
> quarters.

It looked from your message that even the scores will be too much to publish.

>just listing the TOP 10 and plaques with call
> letters (No scores or explanation).  I hope we can fit in 1/2 to 3/4 page
> for the write up article.

> Please understand that we need to support CQ Communications as a strong
> supporter
> of Contests and Amateur radio.

I support CQ as much as I can: I operate all major CQ Contests, I'm getting two
of their magazines (used to be three)
I support at least 5 more people with CQ or CQ Contest who can't afford it, and
I sponsor two CQ plaques (at least I send my cheque, I can't guarantee that
winners get them). If I was against CQ I'd have done something else instead.

> 9A3A expressed the view that all the results
> should be in CQ Contest
> rather than CQ.

It is my opinion that results should not be scattered, and CQ Contest would be
much more popular with complete results.

> I feel Dick Ross is taking the right course in keeping the
> results in CQ Magazine
> and moving the analysis to CQ Contest.  Remember CQ Communications is a
> small business and must carefully watch expenses.

So do we. One year foreign subscription is still a monthly  wage in many

> Dick must also maximize
> advertising revenue (his life blood). If you can't afford to subscribe to
> both CQ Magazine and CQ Contest then you probably can't afford to contest.

I don't think so, I've received a QSL card for a contest QSO with no SASE and a
that average salary in his country is 7 USD, and if I could send QSL back via
the buro.
Many people can hardly afford one magazine. I will still be getting both CQ and
CQ contest,
I was just thinking of those people who can not afford it.

> The same reasoning has occurred at ARRL as there is concern that too much
> has always been committed to contests and Dxing which is at best a small
> minority of radio amateurs.

One more reason, CQ Magazine will loose at best a small minority...

> The amateur population in the USA has become
> "shack on a belt" types and both CQ and ARRL are looking for ways to broaden
> the knowledge base.
> 73 Dave K4JRB
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 not arguing, just expressing my opinion.

73 Ivo, 5B4ADA/C4A

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