[CQ-Contest] Re: Why Compete

Steve Sacco NN4X nn4x at evcom.net
Wed Sep 15 21:24:16 EDT 1999

Someone says:
<< Why is contesting to get an award for the wrong reason? >>

Simple: you should be doing this because you enjoy the activity.  The award 
is a nice byproduct.  Does receiving an award determine whether you had fun 
or not?  If no sponsor ever issued awards, would you still compete?  If 
your answer is "no", you may want to find an activity which you truly enjoy 

Someone else says:
<<Part of the fun is a stomping good win and having it in print so the whole
club sees....>>

According to this logic, the value of your effort (in this case, competing 
in a contest) is not whatever *you* perceive it to be, but what *others* 
perceive it to be.

If you're not doing it because you love it, you're just wasting your time.

Life's too short.


Steve NN4X (ex KC2X)

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