[CQ-Contest] Announcing Collegiate CHampionship web site!

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Wed Sep 15 21:52:04 EDT 1999

      The North American Collegiate Championship radio contest web site 
now has a new home and a new style.  The old link will take you to the new 
location automatically.  The new location of the Collegiate Championship web 
site is:


There you will find:

     * Rules for the 1999 Sixth Annual North American Collegiate Championship!
     * Results and scores from _every_ year that the Collegiate 
       Championship has been held, including photos and soapbox 
     * Breaking news about the most popular radio contest for college and 
       university Amateur Radio Clubs!
     * Frequently Asked Questions that can help college and university radio
       clubs get the most out of an on-the-air operting event that for many 
       clubs is the highlight event of the year!

     * Records scores, statistics broken down by NCAA conference, participation
       statistics, and more!  Find out how your alma mater has fared over the 

     * Photos of some of the most enthusiastic college and university radio 
       clubs in the country!  


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