[CQ-Contest] CQ Contests ( My Thoughts )

Jamie Tolbert jtolbert at gremlan.org
Wed Sep 15 22:34:04 EDT 1999

PREFACE- The following is not intended to slam anyone, point fingers, look
for scapegoats, etc. I do believe however that the contesting community is
owed an explanation. Again I AM NOT placing blame or finding fault; just
looking for an answer.

No you are not the only one. It has been noted several times that CQWW
and/or WPX certificates are not being mailed. I lost track of how many I
should have received. As a station with modest antennas and 100w I surely
wont be #1 in the USA ( except for the low power assisted WPX category; won
in 1998; still waiting for certificate) but when I do manage to do well
enough to earn a certificate I would like to receive it. Will I continue to
contest? You bet. Win or lose, its a blast.  I just learned that because of
errors on my part, my CQWW cw entry wont make publication. Bob K3EST has
graciously allowed it to be printed in K1ARs errata column and for that I
am most grateful but even if it didnt make the publication I would still
remember it. Why? Because it was my best score ever; finally broke 1
million points. I have the good fortune of living near Timmy, K3LR. With
his massive antenna farm he is truly a legend around western PA. When I go
to a local club meeting or meet fellow club members for coffee however its
my score or results they ask about. In my opinion, its very important to
continue to publish the results where the majority of the ham population
(non-contesters) will see/read the results. A few years ago I was the only
contester in our local club. Now there are a few more and this coming
contest season I think 1 or 2 more will join the ranks. I feel this is in
part to seeing someone local with a modest setup in the results and also
because I took my certificates to local club meetings. What needs to be
done to get the certificates to the winners in a timely manner? Is it
money? Lets solicit sponsors for the certificates as well as the plaques. I
have offered several times to donate to the cause but never got a reply. Is
it manpower? On 12/98 W6QK offered to help and was compiling a list of
those still awaiting certificates. What happened to his efforts? NH7A
reported in July he has the preaddressed envelopes but no certificates. I
have offered to stuff envelopes, letter the certificates, whatever it takes
to get these out but no one ever replies. I am sure with everyones help we
could get this done. So come on CQ, tell us what the problem is. With
everyones help, we can get caught up and stay current.

73 Jamie WW3S

> From: Tim& Alaine Hemming <ve1rx at sprint.ca>
> To: CQ CONTEST <cq-contest at contesting.com>
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQ Contests ( My Thoughts )
> Date: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 5:09 PM
> I think  CQ should take care of previous contest results first ; such as
> contest certificates , before they can truly say they are interested in
> expanding there magazine . I can't believe it take almost two years
> to get a certificate from a 98 contest . Am I the only unlucky  contester
> out there ? I think " why would I even compete if I have a 50/50 chance
> get my certificate if I am lucky enough to earn one " ? I could be way
> base and maybe this is just my bad luck . I have only had my lisence for
> years and have my full advanced c/w 12  wpm . I am also only 35 years old
> and look forward to many years of contesting a head .Who says this is a
> dieing hobby, I personably hope to be above the ground for many years to
> come  .

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