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Wed Sep 15 23:16:39 EDT 1999


The WRTC 2000 Organization Committee now has all information on lodging of
the WRTC 2000 participants at Bled, where all activities before and after
the contest will take place.

1. We are happy to announce, that all competitors and referees will be
accommodated at Bled at the expense of the Organizing
Committee.Accommodation will be in hotel ASTORIA (***). For accompanying
family members the competitors or referees will have to settle the cost of
lodging. In case that competitors/referees wish to reside in higher class
hotel, they will have to pay the difference in rates.

For all other WRTC 2000 participants lodging is arranged in hotels GOLF and
PARK (****) and hotel JELOVICA (***). There are also some rooms available in
extra class facilities. All facilities are within five hundred meter range.

2. Please download the registration form from WRTC-2000 home page
ftp://ftp.bit.si/wrtc2000pf/download/form.zip We kindly request that you
fill it out and send back to the address mentioned on the form (TIPEDA-SUC
d.o.o.). After receiving the form, hotel reservation will be made and

3. Hotel room rates are in German Marks and fixed. Difference in rates for
the same type of room comes from the position of the room (view, etc.).
Announced rates are discounted for the WRTC 2000 participants and will not

4. All WRTC 2000 participants will be accredited and will receive other
special benefits, which will be announced later.

5. Should you have questions in regard to the registration form or any other
questions on lodging, transportation and similar, please feel free to
contact Mr. Borut Farcnik via e-mail at: < Borut.Farcnik at s5.net >.

6. Comprehensive information on the city of Bled is available at :
<http://www.bled.si > or through < http://wrtc2000.bit.si >.

73, Tine Brajnik, S50A
President, Organization Committee
scc at bit.si

Sent by Robert Bajuk, S57AW on 15-Sep-99

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