[CQ-Contest] CQ WW contest results

Valeri Stefanov wally at el-soft.com
Thu Sep 16 19:37:45 EDT 1999

Hi Fellow Contesters,

After reading some comments I decided to put some
more oil in the fire.

I think the time for change has come. Having such a tool
as Internet makes waiting for results to be printed in
CQ magazine a punishment ( at least for me).
Here is the place to mention that I subscribe CQ just
to be able to receive a copies with CQWW results.

I suggest CQ to make and maintain the special web site
where one could find first the claimed scores and later
the final scores as well. There should be an archive with
previous years results as well. (This will allow one to
make an easy comparisons).
Anyone who would like may print the results from the
web site and look through them at any place.

I also suggest  CQ to print results the way WAE contest
results are printed (as separate brochure) and to mail them
to all those who have sent a log. Such printing may be organized
in another country where printing expences , postal
expenditures and wages of the personnel used will be lower.
Still many contesters can not afford subscribing CQ or
"CQ -Contest", not speaking about both at the same time.

Thus CQ will save space for other articles to be published
and will satisfy ( I hope ) all contesters needs.
The brochure could include advertisements to meet the
cost of printing  and sending the brochures plus wages
of the people who will do this. ( I have done that
for some dental meetings here and it works just fine.)

Would be glad to hear other guys comments on the


Wally LZ2CJ
wally at el-soft.com

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