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Thu Sep 16 19:32:38 EDT 1999

> 1996 CQ CW Certificates have been in the mail for weeks and those outside of
> the USA should now be receiving them. Now I  wait with you for 1997 and 1998
> to be printed up so I can send them out.

And I am getting hate mail for not having the certificates out for
the June Kid's Day contest yet (they are coming from the printer today
and should be out in the next week or two).

> It is so much fun trying to find an address for somebody by having to look
> up the GOLIST and another host of QSL routes so somebody can get their
> certificates. This is not an isolated problem, there are quite a few. To sum
> it up, make sure there is an ADDRESS in the summary sheet!

It is a lot of work to do certificates.  I think it should start being
easier with computers - but the problem hasn't totally been solved.
With the exception of the ARRL - it is done by volunteers.  Most are
trying to do a good job - but it takes a lot of time.

And then from someone who says "WHY" as often as my kids:

> > Someone says:
> > << Why is contesting to get an award for the wrong reason? >>
> Steve replied:
> >  Does receiving an award determine whether you had fun or not?   
> Yes it does!  I look at the certificates that I have won and
> remember the fun I had winning them.  I remember the highlights
> of those contests more than the others. 

I think it is silly to expect everyone to operate contests for the 
same reason other people do.  I can remember being very excited about
getting my first contest certificate (I still have it and it wasn't 
issued by the sponsoring organization either - it was just a home-made
"you beat me" certificate).  As the certificate folders overflowed and
required a separate folder for the sprint ones - they aren't as 
important to me now.  Actually, thre haven't been any sprint certificates 
sent out now for about 3 years.  The plaques are even furthur behind.

My point is when someone says: "I look at the certificates that I 
have won and remember the fun I had winning them."  You can't argue
with that.  Your own reasons might be different, but telling someone
that their reason if less valid than yours is silly.

> Without something to strive for, why even compete?  
> Tom W7WHY

This is a great statement - but remember that we are striving for
different things.  I have a computer file that I now keep up to 
date with my contesting accomplishments.  This helps me identify 
what I am striving for.  These are tailored to fit my abilities 
and drives.   One person might be striving to improve his code 
speed - and another to finish their WAS.  Yet another might just
enjoy some time alone to unwind after a long day with the kids and
stumbled upon a contest when they slipped on their headphones and
thought he would say hi to some of his friends.  

The magic of the contest is that we can all come into them for whatever
reason - agree on a format to follow so that our activities are 
compatible and we all get what we want from the experience.  

Maybe we should have a box on the summary sheet that says "don't bother
sending me a certificate" if that isn't important to you.  This would
help us have better service for those who do want one.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at contesting.com

"Radio is magic - I can hear the world turning" - N0AX

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