[CQ-Contest] Certificates and Competition

wo4o at juno.com wo4o at juno.com
Thu Sep 16 14:28:06 EDT 1999

Competing and playing in radio games for FUN is important and is likely
at the top of the list of most participants.  However . . . 

Wasn't the initial frustration expressed as a result of a contestant not
receiving a certificate that had been earned but not provided by the
Sponsor who promised to send it?  If the Sponsor promises to provide a
certificate to those who qualify, then the Sponsor should keep its
promise, regardless.  Provision of the certificate in a timely manner is
a bonus, insofar as it's uncommon for a Sponsor to promise a delivery
deadline for certificates.  Perhaps a delivery deadline should be
promised, too.  Wouldn't you agree that it's better to have FUN playing
the game and to receive a certificate in a timely manner, too?  

Indulge me, please, while I take this moment to express my appreciation
to CQ Communications for the certificate I recently received from them
for my results in the 1996 CQ WW CW game.  While it has been about three
years and the 8x10 certificate had been folded and placed in a #10 size
envelope with the edges appearing to be eaten by the dog that was chasing
the postperson delivering it, I did receive it and I'm grateful.  Thanks,
also, to each and every one who helped get this and any other
certificates out to those who earned them.  CU in the next CQ WW CW! 
Have FUN!!!

73, Ric - Wo4o

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