[CQ-Contest] muddying the water

DougKR2Q at aol.com DougKR2Q at aol.com
Mon Sep 20 12:24:13 EDT 1999

Dear Contesters:

The time frame is 1969-1970.  There is ONE active station from Kerguelen and 
everyone knows it is FB8XX.  The "others" active are FB8WW, YY, and ZZ (see 
the trend?)  FB8XX has an incredibly distincitive signal, always being 
T=5...raspy AC/chirp tone from a hand key.

Scenario:  You are contesting and you hear the one-and-only, instantly 
recognizable tone.  You KNOW who it is before you even copy one letter.  You 
throw in your call and you get the qso.  You hear YOUR call followed by "de 
FB8XK."  You KNOW he sent it wrong...and then he goes QRT.

What do you log?  Do you log "what you heard" and get it removed as a BUSTED 
call (which it certainly is) or do you log what EXPERIENCE tells you it 
really is?  What makes a "real" contester?  Is it experience at "knowing" 
callsign blocks and who is active - OR - simply copying what you hear.  
Okay...you say 'BOTH'...so WHAT do you log? [and NO saying that the log 
checking isn't as good back then...assume CURRENT levels of log checking]

de KR2Qrious 

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