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>A reason that I haven't seen mentioned (did I miss it?) is that money
>doesn't seem to be CQ's (only) problem.  Apparently several offers of
>volunteer assistance have been offered by different hams at different
>times with no response from CQ.


>n2mg at contesting.com

My 2 cents worth, from the information that I have personally received.  I
deal mainly with the CQ WW 160 contests.  In conversations with Dave, K4JRB,
he has mentioned that CQ has been (is) unwilling to put out the extra money
it takes to send the certificates unfolded in large envelopes.  This costs
more money for the envelopes and for the postage.

Dave has in the past paid the extra money it takes to send the larger
envelopes, unwilling to compromise and send a folded certificate.  This past
year myself and another anoymous contributor together defrayed a majority (I
think) of this expense.   I feel that is my contribution, together with
sponsoring one plaque, to the contest that I enjoy the most.

Also, Dave had some medical problems this past year and his personal time
was severely limited.  In the past the CQ WW 160 certificates have been
mailed out so that their reception closely coincided with the next years
contest; ie. 12 months after the contest.  This year they are somewhat
delayed due to the situation mentioned above.  I understand that the 1998
certificates will be mailed shortly.

What does this mean?  To me it means that there may be circumstances beyond
the control of the individuals that are responsible for the prompt issuing
of certificates and plaques that preclude the timely completion of these
tasks.  Perhaps such a situation existed in the past which created a logjam
which the administrator has never been able to recover from.  Have you ever
found yourself trying to get over the mountain that continually grows?

I am suggesting that individuals TRULY interested in assisting with
remedying the current situation make personal contact with the particular
contest administrator.  Make your self available either with time, money or
both, to help bring the certificate problem of your particular contest of
interest to a current state.  Then volunteer to assist in whatever manner to
keep that contest on a current basis.

Consider this time and money expended as a donation to the particular facet
of the hobby that you enjoy.  I am sure that your inner feelings will be of
a much happier state that when you are sitting on the sidelines and

Oh golly!!   That was THREE CENTS worth.  I promise not to overrun again.
73 de Milt, N5IA

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