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Fri Sep 24 15:58:45 EDT 1999

Hello to all,

Tine (S50A) thought I was sitting around too much in my old age and decided 
that I needed something to do, so I would not get better than him at 
contesting.  He chose to give me the job of fundraising in the US for WRTC 
2000.  In this capacity, I hereby request that all of you dig down into your 
pockets and show the Slovenians the gratitude that we all feel toward them 
for undertaking such a monumental task.  Their website at 
http://wrtc2000.bit.si is very informative, well laid out and all of the 
preparation work I have seen is top notch.   

Because of all my memorable experiences from WRTC '90 and '96, I am eagerly 
looking forward to WRTC 2000 as I am sure you are.  I am very excited about 
the site of the forthcoming event.  I have visited the city of Bled, in 
Slovenia, and can attest to its beauty and to the hospitality of the 
Slovenians.  I hope to see all of your smiling faces there in July of 2000.

Since the event is being held in Europe, we might have trouble getting US 
corporations involved with donations.  I think it is necessary for every one 
of us to contribute toward the immense cost of hosting WRTC 2000.  This will 
ensure that sufficient funds are available for the Slovenians to make the 
event all they wish it to be.  

Donations in excess of $250 may be submitted via a directed contribution to 
the Northern California DX Foundation, earmarked "WRTC 2000" and sent to 
Bruce Butler W6OSP, 4220 Chardonnay Ct., Napa, CA  94558.  Contributions 
under this amount or deductible business donations may be sent to Carl Cook 
AI6V/P49V, 2191 Empire Ave., Brentwood, CA  94513.  

I am looking forward to receiving your contributions to this wonderful cause.

73    Carl Cook   AI6V/P49V

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