[CQ-Contest] Fw: Technology Restrictions for Pile-Up Tape Competition

Richard J. Norton ae327 at lafn.org
Sat Apr 1 09:24:02 EST 2000

I was in initially outraged when I read this posting from the other
reflector. After some thought,  it now seems only to be fractionally
more absurd than the concept of giving multiplier contest score
credit for contacts whose multiplier accomplishment has been
essentially negated.


Dick, N6AA

> The committee has added an assisted category to this year’s pile-up
> tape competition to accommodate the skills of  those who operate
> contests with packet spotting.

> Since we will be unable to equip all the copying positions with
> monitors, the spots will be printed on sheets of paper. Each
> assisted entrant will receive a complete list of pileup callsigns
> which will then have to be manually copied to another piece of
> paper.

> The use of the spotting technology may permit some of the
> assisted competitors to log the callsigns easier than those
> using only the audio from the tapes. However, assisted
> competitors may not leave the test area early, sleep during the
> tape play, or otherwise harass other competitors. The assisted
> competitors will be required to wear headphones and act like
> they are copying the callsigns, just like packet-assisted
> competitors do in actual radio contests.

>The committee considered  providing electronic call lists and
> allowing use of laptop computers and printers, but the restricted
> available space for the event makes this logistically impractical
> this year.

> Although the simulated packet spots are simply an application
> of technology, like ball-point pens, electronic keyers, or rubber
> clocks, the assisted competitors will be classified in a separate
> category, unlike in certain more advanced contests. They will
> receive separate awards.

> We are considering adding single-band assisted categories for
> next year’s pile-up copying event, where assisted competitors will
> need to extract only those callsigns with the appropriate
> frequencies.

> We invite inquiries from those interested in promoting growth of
> contesting regarding sponsorship of single-band assisted trophies.


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