[CQ-Contest] Fw: Technology Restrictions for Pile-Up Tape Competition

kh6nd at lava.net kh6nd at lava.net
Sat Apr 1 08:47:56 EST 2000

> > The use of the spotting technology may permit some of the
> > assisted competitors to log the callsigns easier than those
> > using only the audio from the tapes. However, assisted
> > competitors may not leave the test area early, sleep during the
> > tape play, or otherwise harass other competitors. The assisted
> > competitors will be required to wear headphones and act like
> > they are copying the callsigns, just like packet-assisted
> > competitors do in actual radio contests.

Swell..... This should really promote operating excellence......

Maybe a mouse click event could be added too... to see who can pull the
most incorrect spots in the fastest.


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