[CQ-Contest] Doubts on the WPX Contest

Maurizio Panicara i4jmy at iol.it
Sun Apr 2 19:57:54 EDT 2000

Hi pile up rates are nice, likewise that anything works as an antenna when
the solar flux is so high, but....

With high flux numbers, hi rates, high bands opened 24h x day and people
cought by the 10m appeal, the double points on low bands seemed to me the
Y2K ssb WPX has been just a little more than a 10-15-20 contest.

Adding to the above a multiplier system that's not band related either
mostly proportioned to QSO number than anything else I'm asking myself:

1) wouldn't it be more interesting to introduce something that could allow
anything like a real strategy be applied ?
2) will ever I see the IJ4R (wpx 1991, ssb M/S EU record) award from N8BJQ ?

Mauri I4JMY

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