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Jon Ogden jono at enteract.com
Sun Apr 2 00:13:03 EST 2000

on 3/30/00 2:18 AM, Stewart Cooper at coopersg at odl.co.uk wrote:

> I have a big call (GM4AFF), and when I send the full call to a good
> dx-pedition op he has usually started working someone with a shorter (or
> last two letter) call, and by the time I go over he has already given the
> report and is listening to his report - and an expansion of the guy's full
> callsign. So in that situation I sometimes am forced to use two or three
> letters. Not because the DX can't hear my full call, but because I get
> frustrated at not keeping in the same rhythm as the DX operator. It's a
> phsychological thing. If he heard my full call, he wouldn't start trying to
> work me after I had only sent two or three letters of it! (Well he ought not
> to.)

Could it be that the DX station didn't hear your call?  If he heard your
call, he'll work you.  Might he hear someone else's?  Sure.  That's where
patience comes in.  But if he hears you well enough on two letters, he will
hear you well enough with your full call.  If you are the station he decides
to work, then he'll work you even if you had a call with 15 characters!



Jon Ogden



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