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why the hell do they need 3 digits???

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>  S511E   S521H   S531R   S541F   S561C   S571W   S581I
>  S512T   S522R   S532N   S542B   S562P   S572L   S582A
>  S513A   S523W   S533G   S543C   S563X   S573O   S583D
>  S514U   S524G   S534J   S544Z   S564Q   S574V   S584M
>  S516M   S526O   S536P   S546Q   S566Z   S576K   S586U
>  S517W   S527K   S537L   S547B   S567F   S577V   S587N
>  S518N   S528D   S538F   S548X   S568Y   S578R   S588S
>  S519I   S529A   S539D   S549L   
> This is the list of 53 special S5 callsigns for competing 
> teams during the 3rd WRTC event at Bled, July 5-11th 2000.

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