[CQ-Contest] WRTC calls

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Thu Apr 13 17:49:49 EDT 2000

Oh my god!

The guys who can send long calls and the guys who have attention spans long
enough to be able to copy them will have the advantage over those who can't
and don't!!   UNFAIR!!!!

and what's with the missing 5's and 0's?  Those are my best numbers!!


Still, I'm looking forward to it.

dale, kg5u

> why the hell do they need 3 digits???
> >
> >  S511E   S521H   S531R   S541F   S561C   S571W   S581I
> >  S512T   S522R   S532N   S542B   S562P   S572L   S582A
> >  S513A   S523W   S533G   S543C   S563X   S573O   S583D
> >  S514U   S524G   S534J   S544Z   S564Q   S574V   S584M
> >  S516M   S526O   S536P   S546Q   S566Z   S576K   S586U
> >  S517W   S527K   S537L   S547B   S567F   S577V   S587N
> >  S518N   S528D   S538F   S548X   S568Y   S578R   S588S
> >  S519I   S529A   S539D   S549L
> >
> > This is the list of 53 special S5 callsigns for competing
> > teams during the 3rd WRTC event at Bled, July 5-11th 2000.
> >

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>From artinian" <s56a at bit.si  Fri Apr 14 09:05:06 2000
From: artinian" <s56a at bit.si (artinian)
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 08:05:06 -0000
Subject: [CQ-Contest] WRTC callsigns S5_XXX
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>So why not to use S5AA - S5AZ and say S5NA - S5NZ for WRTC competitors?

It would be plain boring to have 53 callsigns with just two letters variation!
Just like working tons of OK1,2 or K1,2,3 for that matter.

>Seem much better than confusing and long S511A, etc.

Callsigns are all 62 +/-3 bits long, just a single CW number longer then K3BU!

>Prefix for WPX awards is only first two or three letters, any other letters
after that are >redundand, confusing, cumbersome, long and instead of helping in
any way, rather >making things complicated.

All the numbers are valid and I am sure WPX hunters will be happy.  Tom, 9A2AA
even comes to S5 just because of them.

>S5A type calls are used for promotion and competitors get "blessed" with long
>and confusing calls. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

After 3 years of organizational work on WRTC, S5M is my first blessing.  W6B was
not all that bad in SF 96 as a lot of people pick-up the calls from DX Clusters.

>Now that antenna switches are allowed, taken care for. Can also competitors
>bring their own switches? It would help sponsors to reduce number of possible
>needed switches to be supplied and it would help competitors to avoid
>problems and surprises.

We will make 53 equal mechanical antenna switches from quality USA RadioShack
components.  Isolation would be much better then mutual antenna coupling.  You
are still strongly advised to bring input bandpass filters.

>Lets make it easier and less error prone (for competitors).

We try our best with a lot of expert help worldwide!

73 de Mario, S5M, N1YU

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