[CQ-Contest] WRTC-2000, Communique Nr. 14

Robert, S57AW s57aw at bit.si
Tue Apr 25 18:07:29 EDT 2000


Ljubljana, 25th April 2000

Time is running fast and we're getting real close to WRTC. We still work on
those little, but most important details. After the list of teams and
Referees had been released, we hereby announce the list of call-signs
assigned to WRTC stations.

Decision on the call-signs has been made quite some time ago, but Ministry
for Transportation and Communications only issued the bill, making
S500A-S599Z series of calls available to the Organizing Committee, at the
end of March. Special S5A-S5Z call-signs were also released for the purpose
of promotion of the WRTC2000. Mentioned short call-signs will be used by
members of the Organizing Committee all the way until WRTC. Same calls will
also be used in the IARU HFC at stations with official observers.

The official observers are neither competitors nor referees. After the
contest, their logs will be used for processing logs of the WRTC teams. If
you wish to operate in the IARU HFC as an official observer, please let us
know. Send an e-mail to scc at bit.si .

In order to avoid any unpredictable situations, we would again like to ask
you all, who have not send their application, to do so immediately. We've
asked for your applications in Communiqué No.5, however as we see, there are
quite a few, who do not know how to apply. If you intend to com to Bled,
please send an e-mail to scc at bit.si or borut.farcnik at s5.net and let us know
when you plan to arrive, depart, what kind of lodging you wish, who is
coming with you and so on. We need all requested information to make your
arrival and stay as smooth as possible.

As you're probably aware, the Organizing Committee is covering expenses for
competitors and referees. They should also send in the requested
information, haven't they done it already. Competitors will reside in double
bed rooms in Astoria and Krim hotels. If you wish single room or wish to
stay in another hotel, you will have to cover the difference in price.

All hotels and other buildings at Bled are within 500 meters and on the
shore of lake Bled. For more information, please visit our web page at
http://wrtc2000.bit.si or http://jzap.com/je1cka/wrtc2000/  ("mirror site"
in USA). For any possible questions you might have, please contact us at
scc at bit.si. Please pass the word on WRTC activities to your friends, local
radio clubs and other hams.

See you at Bled.

Tine Brajnik, S50A
WRTC2000 Organizing Committee, President
Sent by Robert, S57AW  April 25th 16:10 UTC

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