[CQ-Contest] naqp multi-two question

John T. Laney, III K4BAI at worldnet.att.net
Tue Aug 1 10:07:24 EDT 2000

Hi Tom:  I have done the NAQP M/2 at W4AN with W4AN and with K6LA as
partners.  It is a lot of fun.  The simple answer to your question is
that you cannot work duplicate contacts on the same band for credit no
matter which transmitter you are using.  I think the intent of the
wording of the rule was to make it clear that each transmitter may work
all non-duplicate stations on a band and one is not limited just to new
multipliers (as in the M/S category for CQWW contests).  This is, of
course, subject to the ten-minute QSY rule limit.

Good luck in NAQP.  I have some family conflicts during part of the cw
contest, so my activity will be part-time, but will be looking for you
guys and will be glad to QSY to other bands if needed.

73, John, K4BAI.

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