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A reminder  -  It is almost that time again for ..............

The FUN CONTEST    Maryland/DC QSO Party 2000

August 12  1600-0400 UTC August 13  AND  1600-2300 UTC August 13

Certificates are awarded to all stations with 50 or more QSO POINTS
in their entry.
Many certificates are awarded including : 10 Best MDC Single Ops,
Best score per state and DX Country, Best MD YL, Best Technician
Entry each state and best QRP Log per state.

Plaques: High score from a station outside MDC.
          High score from a Maryland Mobile (New this year.)
          High Score from a MDC Single Operator station
          High Score from a MD Club
          High Score from a Technician Class ham (including Novice)

Non MDC must work MDC stations for score. MDC works the world.
No net or packet qsos allowed. Club entries must be from a single QTH.
Club entries outside Maryland are included in the General Worldwide logs.

Phone and CW. CW in CW Sub-bands only.  Stations may be worked
once per band using each mode.  Stations that change MD counties or
state lines may be worked again for qso points as different stations.
Non-MDC stations must be single operator.

Exchange QTH and Major Category of entry.
QTH is county for MDC stations.
State, Country or Canadian Province as appropriate for others.
Major Categories are CLUB,  QRP,  MOBILE,  TECHNICIAN,  and STANDARD.
Stations will send the category that reflects THEIR HIGHEST POINT
VALUE to the station worked.

Suggested Frequencies  3.643   3.92   7.07   7.23   14.055   14.268
21.115   21.37   28.055   28.38   50.15   145.55   146.58 MHZ + UHF.
Try CW on odd half hours.

SCORING:  Add up qso points and Multiply by the sum of the multipliers.
Multipliers may be claimed once each. They do not repeat from band
to band.

QSO POINTS are scored as follows:
    10 points for QSO with a CLUB station
     5 points for a qso with a MOBILE station
     4 points for a qso with a QRP or US Technician station
     3 points for a standard CW qso
     1 point for any other valid contest qso.
  REMEMBER  only the highest single point value applies per qso.

MULTIPLIERS -For Stations not in MDC- 1 for each MD County +
Baltimore City + DC  (25 possible).
For MDC STATIONS only- The basic 25 above + each of the 49 other
US States + each DX country.

DEADLINE - Send Logs + Scoring Summary with a SASE or equivalent
by SEPTEMBER 20, of the year 2000 to the Antietam Radio Association
P.O. Box 52   Hagerstown MD  21741-0052

Note- An option scoring summary sheet is available for a SASE sent
to W3CWC at the address above.  If you have specific questions you
may e-mail wa3eop at wildmail.com (Contest Chairman)

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