[CQ-Contest] Opinions wanted on HF rigs

MIKE FANNING mike.fanning at adtran.com
Tue Aug 15 18:56:08 EDT 2000

Hi folks - Looking for some opinions, and I think this is the motherlode...
I currently have an FT990 that I have been using for the last year.  Love
the ergonomics and feel of the rig, but don't like the receiver hiss
(without the switched cap filter engaged) and HATE the rigs QSK.  I am
leaning strongly toward selling it this weekend at the hamfest and replacing
with a ? (here's were the opinion part starts...).  My interests lie
primarily in little pistol contesting and DXing, almost exclusively on CW.
The rig will probably be hauled to FD every year.  Internal supply would be
nice, but not necessary.  Here's the question:

What does the contesting community think about the TS850?  I have read good
things about the rig, but it looks clunky (at least in pictures).  I have
never used one, so I can't speak from experience.  How does the radio
perform in full break-in?  How does the internal voice keyer work?  Are
there any owners of a 990 / 850 combo that can give me a side-by-side
comparison?  Am I insane for dumping a 990 for an 850?

How 'bout the 1000MP?  Also heard lots of great things, but alas more
dough...  How are the QSK characteristics on this rig?  How useful in real
life is the second inband receiver?  Is the 2nd receiver being only double
conversion a limiting factor?  I used one at FD this year and found it
intimidating to try and drive...

Anybody contesting with an Omni VI+?  I have heard WONDERFUL things about
Ten-Tec's QSK, but frankly it just don't have the neato things like internal
tuner and supply that I think it should to justify the $$.

The 1000MP and the 850 are the primary ones I am looking at.  I would be
interested in hearing from users of other radios as well.  I welcome all
opinions, but I am especially interested in those folks who have dumped one
of these rigs in favor of a different type.  Why did you do so?  What DIDN'T
you like about radio x?

Please email me direct at my home: fanning at hiwaay.net

Thanks for the help, and perhaps see you this weekend in NAQP phone if I
recover from the 'fest.

-Mike Fanning, K4GU

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>From Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc at dialup.mplik.ru  Tue Aug 15 20:01:17 2000
From: Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc at dialup.mplik.ru (Igor Sokolov)
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 01:01:17 +0600
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contesting Rigs for <$1300 Help
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> We've had reports (plural, more than one) on the NA reflector that the
> TS-570 has problems with CW keying while the computer control interface is
> also in use.  One of our JA users contacted Kenwood who had no
> explanation for the problem.

The problem is easy to overcome. The radio should not be polled for freq and
mode info whiole in TX mode and at least N6TR deals with it correctly.
Having said that 570 is not really good choice for contest radio. Pretty
poor radio for 160/80 meters.

> The ICOM would be my choice.

I would second that but my choice  would be IC-765 that falls into the
specified price range. Still used by a lot of contesters. The next choice
would be IC751a if it comes with UX-14. The latter would probably cost you
800-900 $ and you can use the rest of your money for filters or antenna.

Igor, UA9CDC

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