[CQ-Contest] SUMMARY: Radios for <$1300

Mark Adams k2qo at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 15 12:57:04 EDT 2000

Hello all,

Well, I sure got answers to my query! Basically, I asked which of the 
following radios is best for hardcore QRP and casual QRO contesting, mostly 
of the CW variety:

1) IC 746
2) TS 570
3) Omni V

Well, the answers broke down as follows:

Rig     Votes
TS-850   16
IC-765    8
Omni V    5
IC-746    4
TS-570    2
FT-920    2
K2        1

TOTAL    38

Interestingly, the radios that garnered the most votes were not even ones on 
my list! I will take this all under advisement and hopefully replace my old 
but perfectly functional Argosy in the next few weeks. It is very easy to 
say which rig I'd buy in theory, but with the cash in hand it is more 
difficult for sure.

So, THANKS to all who responded. There were too many of you to send 
individual replies. Sorry about that. If anyone wants a summary of the text 
of the messages, I can get one ready later in the week.

Mark K2QO  See you all on the bands and listen for my big 5 watts!!!
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