[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX (CW) Log Checking

Bruce Sawyer n6nt at ynn.com
Tue Aug 29 01:06:34 EDT 2000

There's something kind of bizarre going on in the log checking for the final
results of the ARRL DX (CW) contest, just posted this morning.  I wonder if
enough of us put our heads together that we can't find the pattern.

The place I'm puzzled is in the multipliers for people on the DX side of the
contest.  I lost 27 QSOs (out of 5244 claimed) in the log checking, but of
those 27 it appears that 13 of them were multipliers!  Similarly, I see that
HC8L lost 29 QSOs (out of 5204 claimed), but 12 of his were multipliers.  In
fact, as I scan down the top 10 boxes for all the people on the DX side,
their multiplier totals are lower than I would expect.  In fact, the highest
band multiplier total I see for any of the entries on any of the bands was
56--when 58 multipliers were possible.  This just doesn't compute!  Anybody

Bruce, ZF2NT/N6NT

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